About Us

At My Little Me, we're not just business owners - we're parents, just like you. We understand firsthand the joys and challenges of parenting, especially around mealtimes. Embarking on our own parenting journey, we realised the importance of finding quality, sustainable, and stylish products that not only meet our children's needs but also simplify the parenting experience. That's why we created My Little Me.

Each item in our collection stems from our personal experiences and testing. We've handpicked and designed products that we use confidently and proudly in our daily routines with our children. This personal touch ensures that our offerings genuinely meet the needs of families, as they've been tried, tested, and approved by parents who understand what works.

Choosing My Little Me means investing in parent-tested wisdom. We've eliminated the guesswork in selecting practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing tableware and toys made from child-friendly materials. Not only do they withstand the demands of family life but they also encourage independence and developmental growth, adding a beautiful touch to your child's learning experiences.

Our range of designs cater to various stages of your child's feeding journey. Hence, our products are more than just tableware; they are tools for growth, independence, and learning during mealtimes. We hope they bring as much convenience and peace of mind to your family as they have to ours, making your parenting journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Mum, Occupational Therapist & Founder of My Little Me


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