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Introducing our Little Travel Pouch

The motivation for creating our Little Travel Pouch came from recognising the need to provide an easier and more hygienic means for feeding our girls when out and about. We just couldn’t stand our girls eating from unhygienic highchairs and tables in cafes, restaurants or other public spaces, particularly in these Covid times. This really highlighted the need for a convenient solution to take our favourite dinnerware products and other essentials with us on life’s daily adventures.

To solve this, we started developing our Little Travel Pouch, which is an organic cotton canvas pouch, designed purposefully to carry your favourite dinnerware items, along with snacks and other essentials. It is generously sized, has a water-resistant lining and a handy wrist strap which can be easily looped around a pram. The gorgeous gingham print and general style was designed in New Zealand by the talented Kez from Ahi Design and us (Hannah and Matt), to give it an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary style for the modern Mama.   

Our Little Travel Pouch is available separately or comes with two pre-prepared product options, which include selections of our most popular dinnerware items to suit the stage of your little one’s feeding journey– Beginner & Experienced.

Our “Beginner” set has been thoughtfully curated to have all the essential dinnerware items you will need for your little one in the earlier stages of their solids journey (i.e. around 6-24 months). This set includes the Travel Pouch, a Silicone Bib, Suction Plate + Spoon, Small Placemat and a Starter Spoon. The perfect combo for the littlest loves.

Our Silicone Bib has been included to catch all the mess and help keep your little ones outfit clean. Our Suction Plate + Spoon is included, as it’s super versatile and can function as a bowl or a plate, to suit whatever is served up for mealtime. A Small Placemat is included to provide a clean and hygienic surface when sitting in a highchair (our Small Placemats fit on most highchairs). Lastly, it also includes one of our super popular Starter spoons. Which are perfect for little babes as they are gentle on little gums, have an easy to grip handle and a narrow tip for small mouths.

Our ‘Experienced’ set has been prepared for those slightly older little ones who are a little more independent at mealtime (i.e. around 2yrs+). This set includes the Travel Pouch, Silicone Bib, Dinner Plate and Large Placemat.

The Silicone Bib has been included in our Experienced pouch, as it’ll catch all the mess and again, help keep your little ones outfit clean and ready for their next adventure. Also, now more likely to be sitting at a table than in a highchair, it includes our gorgeous Large Placemat to provide a clean hygienic surface, reduce mess and so you won’t need to worry about any spilt food being eaten directly from the table. Lastly, it also includes our sturdy Dinner Plate with a non-slip base to enable your little love to eat their meal independently.

Once mealtime is over, we recommend giving your dinnerware a quick wipe to remove most of the mess, then pop your items back into the pouch for cleaning at home. The Travel Pouch can be washed, by popping it into the machine on gentle, to be ready for your next outing.

We always keep a Little Travel Pouch packed and ready to go for our next adventure with our girls, to save on the stress when trying to rush out the door and to ensure we have some of the conveniences of home with us when heading out.

We are excited to be able to share this with you and know you will love it as much as we do.

Hannah + Matt


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