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First Tableware Set


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Is your little one ready to embark on their feeding adventure?

Discover our First Tableware Set, thoughtfully crafted by parents who understand the complexities of feeding young children. This comprehensive set includes all the necessary tableware to begin your feeding journey, aiming to streamline mealtime for both parents and little ones.

Whether you're navigating the path of spoon-feeding or venturing into baby-led weaning, our First Tableware Set caters to all your needs. It combines functionality and safety with stunning modern aesthetics, designed to promote independence and support development during mealtimes.

Our 'First Food Checklist' is included with every purchase of our first tableware set. This tool is designed to simplify the early stages of your baby's feeding journey by helping you monitor the foods your little one has tried and record their reactions. It's the perfect way to keep track of progress and preferences and ensuring your baby is introduction to a variety of new and nutritious foods.

Ideal for gifting - Our First Tableware Sets make perfect baby shower gifts.

Set includes:

Silicone Bib: Effortlessly manage mealtime mess with our silicone bibs. Designed to simplify mealtime, they help reduce mess and lighten the load for parents by making clean-up a breeze.

Sippy Cup: Our Sippy Cups are perfect to help your little one practice independent drinking. They have sturdy handles for little hands, a tight-fitting lid and a soft mouthpiece to sip through.

Suction Bowl: Featuring a strong suction base and an extra lip to make it easier to scoop food. Ideal for purees and designed to stay put, making mealtime simpler and cleaner.

Suction Plate: Our versatile Suction Plate effortlessly transitions between a bowl and a plate, accommodating any meal with ease. Designed for functionality and convenience, it's the perfect mealtime companion.

2x Starter Spoons: Our beloved Starter Spoons are designed with little ones in mind, boasting a soft texture that's gentle on tender gums. It features an easy-to-hold handle and a narrow tip perfectly sized for small mouths, making it the ideal first spoon.

First Food Checklist: Included with every set is a printed copy of our "First Food Checklist," ready to be displayed on your fridge.

Available in our six gorgeous colours. 

Care Instructions:

  • Cleaning is a breeze - simply wash with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Always use these products with adult supervision.
  • Avoid use of sharp utensils.                                                     

To ensure optimal suction:

  • Ensure both the base of the bowl/plate and the surface it will be placed on are clean and dry.
  • Press down firmly in centre of bowl/ plate with finger or spoon.
  • To release the suction, simply lift the tab on base.
  • For the best suction results, we recommend using our set on smooth and non-porous surfaces. Surfaces that are textured, curved or porous will make it difficult to achieve lasting suction.

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